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Established in 2009 as a full-service Real Estate investment company specializing in acquiring distressed properties that require rehabilitation to place back into the retail and rental markets.


Safe, Secure & Reliable Investments Secured by Real Estate! Discover How Thousands Have Taken Control Of Their Future Through Private Lending!


Our business ethic remains one of responsibility towards society, the environment, and people as a whole.We help revitalize neighborhoods and provide quality housing for families.

Why Clients Choose Us

Our clients choose us because we consider client satisfaction a top priority and we keep this as an ongoing success of our business. We find lucrative Real Estate opportunities that secure Investment dollars, through calculated risk thus turning over a great Return on Investment, all while helping revitalize neighborhoods and provide quality housing for families.

We are a multi-service Real Estate Investment Company who buys, renovates, sells, and holds single family houses. We work with private individuals who are tired of playing guesswork games with their money and want to receive fixed returns secured by a mortgage against a property.
• We work with investors just like you who want to make every dollar they invest accountable rather than having someone else control their family’s future. The reason we can do this is that we are able to purchase real estate well below market prices if we are able to act quickly.
• That’s where you come in. When you have current investments that are not earning you the returns you really want, we can match your available investment to a property we want to purchase or renovate. You’ll get great returns secured by real estate and we’ll have more capital available to grow our business. We both win or we won’t do it!
• You can invest as little as $25,000 in one property, or you can invest more, its your choice.
You Are In Complete Control Of YOUR Money – That Means You Get To Be The Bank And You Get To Choose How To Put Your Money To Work.
• You Get Fixed Returns Rather Than Losing Sleep Worrying About The Stock Market.
• Your Investment is Protected By A Mortgage Against a House.
• Real Estate Is a Safe, Secure Investment That Historically Appreciates Over Time And Has For Decades.
• Each Property You Invest In Will Have Equity In Them from the start.
• You Can Liquidate Any Time That You Want With No Withdrawal Penalty, Plus You Do Not Have To Handle Any Of The Details Or Collect Payments.
• All Investments Funds Are Sent To And Handled By Escrow To Insure Your Investments Are Secured.
We always close with a title company and provide you with the following documents to secure your investment:
#1. A Promissory note which states the exact terms of our agreement and insures you receive a fixed return.
#2. A Deed Of Trust which will put the property as the collateral for your loan. That means I cannot sell the property or transfer title without paying you off.
#3. Lender’s Title insurance which protects you against any current or future title problems and
#4. Fire & hazard insurance to protect you in case of a catastrophe. A Title Company will take care of all of the documents and insure the mortgage is recorded against the property. You will receive the original signed note and copies of the mortgage, title insurance policy, and hazard insurance. The Deed is recorded and acts as a mortgage / lien against the property.
You know exactly what your return on investment will be without gambling on a third party to invest your money wisely.
• By using private funds we can close on deals quickly without waiting on the bank to complete a lengthy loan approval process.
• You can control how long your money is invested and withdraw with no penalty.
• We do a complete analysis of each property and give you all of the documentation to make your decision. The property is your collateral so you know exactly how your investment is secured!
• With the large pool of private individuals wanting to get a better return on investment by investing in real estate, we can complete deals that we otherwise may have had to pass on. This helps the seller get out of their current situation and allows you (and us) to watch your bank account grow!
You tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your investment. Whether you’re looking for Highest growth possible or monthly income. (Short term or Long term)
• Based on your needs, we’ll match your investment with a property that will fit your specific plan
• You tell us what return you are currently receiving and we’ll work with you to insure you receive a much higher return secured by real estate.
• The interest rate paid will be determined based on the way the private loan is structured. We can pay you simple interest if you want monthly payments; or we can pay you compounding interest if you’re interest accrues. Either way you win because your return is fixed and secured by the property.
• You can use a self-directed I.R.A. to invest in real estate (ask us how). This allows you the freedom to choose what to do with your money and enjoy all the tax benefits of an I.R.A.!
Contact us to let us know you’re ready
• Agree on amount, terms and availability of funds
• We find a property to match your needs
• You arrange for funds to be sent to Escrow
• A closing will be set up at Escrow and you can Sit back and watch your investment grow!


We are Southern California’s Premiere Source for Deeply Discounted Real Estate Investment Properties

Based out of the South-bay, Los Angeles county area, we understand and manage the intricacies of maneuvering through this highly competitive and complex market, finding the best deals SoCal has to offer.

We provide a one-of-a-kind experience for real estate investors looking to get a deal done, whether it’s your first, or you do 5-10 deals a month.Our rigorous & detail-oriented, deal finding process helps us Identify, analyze and provide quality, discounted deals in the L.A. Market and surrounding Counties.

Based on our Clients criteria we tailor our deals to fit your needs and only send you those deals that you are truly interested in rather than trying to sell you on every deal that comes across our desk.

We love to see our clients grow

By becoming one of our Clients you can leverage our systems & processes, our marketing dollars & efforts, our professional team of highly skilled and knowledgeable folks who undergo our acquisitions & rehab training to be able and find quality deals that turn over profits, and as an end result, put money in our Clients pockets.

We love to see our clients bank accounts grow. When our Clients win, we win…

OUR SPECIALTY ARE 40 – 70% BELOW Market Value

Our Firm is at your disposal, as well as our professional teams of Contractors, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Money Lenders, Escrow & Title Reps and the list goes on and on .

We guarantee our Deals are exclusive and we make all final decisions when dealing with us versus getting caught up on wholesale daisy chains that lead to nowhere.So take the time to enter your name and email address in our form, or give us a call to discuss your Real Estate needs.

I’m sure you would appreciate receiving more deals in your pipeline if you’re as serious as we are about Real Estate Investing. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose and more Deals to gain! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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